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Trusted since 1943
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Established in 1943 with 76+ years of an unblemished track record for quality, trust, and service, CPP Glass (Colombo Picture Palace (Pvt) Limited) is the foremost pioneer for glass in Sri Lanka.

We represent an expansive portfolio of global brands and products to meet both the general and the bespoke requirements of our discerning customers. Talk to us and experience the unmatched difference.

Why Us
Trusted since 1943
Only genuine products
Bespoke solutions
Expansive product range
Extensive global brands portfolio
Brand Portfolio
Saint Gobain
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Borosil Glass
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Emerge Glass
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Emirates Glass
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Siam Pattern
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Product Portfolio
Glass - Float Glass - Tempered

Annealed 1.8mm to 19mm Glass Bridges, Glass Steps, Windows, Doors, Partitions, Shop Fronts, Glass Fins, Framing, Fish Tanks, Table Tops, Shower Cubicles

Tinted Glass

3mm, 5mm and 6mm in many colours Windows, Tabletops

Reflective Glass

3.5mm, 5mm, and 6mm Reflects light and heat - depending on colour

Solar Control High performance Glass (Hard and Soft-coated)

High level of heat and light reflection depending on colour

Figured Glass - Clear and Coloured

3mm and 5mm For windows in many designs


All mirrors comply with European standard EN1036 3mm - 8mm Bedroom Dresser, Bathroom, Bronze, Grey, Blue and Green Mirrors for Interiors, Gym Mirrors and Partitions, etc.

Tempered Glass

For larger application areas

Lacquered Glass (Painted Glass)

More than 15+ colours For interior decor (splashbacks, pantry cupboard doors, etc.)

Wired Glass Fire Rated

Fire Rated - Polished Wired Glass For fire doors and windows

Wired Glass Non Fire Rated

Non Fire Rated Polished Wired Glass For fire doors and windows

Laminated Safety Glass

6.38mm, 8.38mm, 10.38mm, 12.38mm and 12.76mm Glass rooftops, balcony handrails, railway carriage, bus - windows/windscreens